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ULB38-TD Rear Window Light


Grote Industries Acquires Star Headlight & Lantern Co, Inc.

17-Apr-2023 - Grote Industries Acquires Star Headlight & Lantern Co, Inc.Acquisit...

  • ULB38-TD Rear Window Light

    Product Code: ULB38-TD
    California P65 Cancer Warnging
    ULB38-TD Rear Window Light
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    ULB38-TD Dual-Color Features 

    • (Interior Only)
    • The new Lineum X™ technology offers an all Dual-Color interior Traffic Director undercover bar
    • Six-head, 72 high intensity, Star Generation IV LEDs
    • Perfect for undercover or unmarked vehicle applications
    • 31 customer selectable warning flash patterns, 5 phases, and 13 head enable settings
    • 9 Traffic Director patterns
    • Low power dimming feature
    • Housing designed to fit the curve of the vehicle
    • Dual color traffic director/warning light in one
    • Removable cover for access to flasher DIP switches for Traffic Director or warning mode selection
    • Traffic Director Color 1:  
    • Inputs: Left (Note: left + right = center out), right, flash color 1, level 1 pattern - color two LEDs, Level 2 pattern - color 2 LEDs, Pattern/Dim wire
    • Clone: Duplicate settings for a fleet from 1 unit

    ULB38-TD-* Dual-Color Specifications and Features
    • 12’, 8 conductor wire harness
    • Ford dimensions: 5 1/2”D x 15/16”H x 30”L
    • Chevy dimensions: 4 13/32”D x 15/16”H x 30”L
    • Voltage: 10-16V DC
    • Weight: 4 lbs.
    • Amp Draw: 3.9 amps

    • ULB38-TD-TA
    • ULB38-TD-FISUV